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If your company wants to improve employee retention and attract top talent, My Actual Job can be an amazing platform to showcase this!

Benefits of using My Actual Job:

  • Showing candidates a genuine preview of roles, to stand out in recruiting
  • Creating development opportunities tailored to real-world skills
  • Setting accurate expectations about the role so there are no surprises
  • Assessing culture fit and attracting the right talent for your teams.

Here’s how it works:

  • Existing employees complete a 21 question survey anonymously, sharing unfiltered firsthand experiences about their roles.

  • Any employee across any job function (e.g. Legal, Finance, Operations etc) can complete the survey, and it only takes each employee about 20 minutes to provide their perspectives.

Gain Real Time Perspectives:

  • Share these experiences internally, so existing employees can use their peers’ experiences to progress into their next roles. This will help to improve employee retention

  • Investing in your existing employees will help shape those individuals as future leaders and specialists within your company

Sharing externally with prospective new hires can help with attracting the right talent for your teams. This will also help to improve your external recruitment process

What is the initial investment?

The time investment would be:

  • An initial call with our team to explore your talent goals
  • Identifying those employees to take the 20-minute survey

We can also create a complementary company profile to showcase these perspectives.

This will be completely free up to 31 December 2023!

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