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Sales Account Executive for a Food App

Q: Where are you located?

A: I am located in Singapore.

Q: What is your role title?

A: My role title is Sales Account Executive.

Q: In your words, describe what you actually do?

A: I ensure a seamless food ordering experience for my corporate clients using the company’s app. I troubleshoot any issues they face and come up with strategies to market the company’s corporate offerings. I aim to understand their needs and provide solutions to meet their business needs with the company.

Q: How long have you been doing this role for?

A: I have been in this role for 2 years.

Q: How did you get to this point in your career?

A: I would say that I started in sales and worked my way up to an executive position through hard work and consistently exceeding targets.

Q: When it comes to remuneration, what are your three B’s? (Base, Bonus, Benefits?)

A: My base salary allows me to live comfortably. I am on a base salary of SGD $9,000 per month. I receive an annual bonus based on my sales performance. Benefits include health insurance and paid time off.

Q: I’m not going to ask you who you work for, but, what industry is your company in?

A: I work for an online food delivery platform.

Q: When it comes to work flexibility, is your work primarily office-based, fully remote, or a mix of both? Which do you prefer? Does your company allow you to be flexible?

A: My work is a mix of office and remote. I prefer the flexibility to work remotely at times. My company does allow for a flexible work arrangement.

Q: What does an average week or a typical day look like for you? Can you walk me through your day? What time do you arrive and start at work, what are your main tasks/responsibilities, who do you interact with, what meetings do you attend, etc.?

A: I start my day by reviewing outstanding requests from clients and preparing for meetings. I meet with clients to understand their needs and consult on solutions. I also work on developing strategies to acquire new corporate clients. My days involve a mix of independent work and collaboration with my sales team.

Q: What does a typical day look like when things are going well vs a more challenging/stressful day?

A: On good days, I close sales and onboard new corporate clients. Challenging days involve placating unhappy clients and troubleshooting technical issues.

Q: What skills or knowledge are most important for your day-to-day work?

A: Understanding clients' needs, persuasion skills, and thinking creatively are important. I also need to be adept with our software and ordering systems.

Q: What are some examples of recent accomplishments or contributions you've made in this role?

A: I recently onboarded our largest corporate client to date, which will significantly increase revenue.

Q: Do you have a supportive manager and do you feel valued?

A: My manager is very supportive and provides guidance when needed. I feel valued for my contributions.

Q: How much time do you spend collaborating with colleagues vs working independently?

A: My time is evenly split between independent work and collaborating with my sales colleagues.

Q: Is there anything you wish you would have known before starting this role?

A: I wish I had known how demanding the sales quotas would be starting out. However, I've grown more efficient at closing deals over time.

Q: What do you hate most about your role?

A: Dealing with upset clients is the worst part of my role. However, it's relatively infrequent.

Q: What do you love most about your role?

A: I love strategizing creative solutions and negotiating great deals for clients. It's extremely rewarding to see my hard work result in sales.

Q: What’s the next role for you and when do you hope to achieve this?

A: In the next 2 years, I hope to be promoted to Sales Manager.

Q: Is your next role going to be with the same company or a different one?

A: I plan to progress my career within the company since I believe in the company and mission.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you could give to someone who aspires to reach your position?

A: Persistence and resilience are key. Don't let rejection discourage you, just keep pitching and learning from mistakes. Success will come

Q: It’s Day 1 for someone in your role. What one piece of advice would you give them to succeed?

A: Take time to deeply understand the products and services on offer. You need to know all the features and benefits inside and out to properly position our offerings to clients. Spend time researching the company, offerings, and target clients.

Shadow client calls and meetings. Observe how more experienced sales executives position solutions, handle objections, and build rapport. There's no better way to learn than seeing it in action.

Ask thoughtful questions. Don't be afraid to ask for help when needed. It's better to ask questions upfront rather than misinform clients later. Lean on the expertise of teammates.

Learn objections and practice responses. Make a list of common concerns and objections raised by prospects. Draft thoughtful responses to each. Practice them aloud until the responses feel natural.

Follow up quickly and persistently. Response times matter in sales. Set calendar reminders to diligently follow up with prospects. Be politely persistent and creative in following up.

Master CRM and sales tools. Learn how to best utilize our CRM and other sales tools to track prospects, automate tasks, and streamline your workflow. Leverage the technology to be efficient.

Absorb feedback. Welcome critiques from colleagues and managers. Strong salespeople have been shaped by feedback. Reflect on each call and think about ways you can improve.

Stay organized. Sales involves juggling many moving parts. Stay on top of your schedule, pipeline, tasks, and client information. Organization and preparation will set you up for success.

Remain resilient. Sales involves rejection. Don't take "no" personally. Push through the nos to get to the next yes. Persistence amidst rejection is crucial.

Build genuine relationships. Don't be merely transactional. Take time to build rapport with clients as real people. Strong relationships will lead to trust and sales.

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